2.3. 2020 Morning Prayer Monday

This day, O Lord–
give me courtesy:
give me meekness of bearing, with the decision of character:
give me longsuffering:
give me charity:
give me sincerity of speech:
give me diligence in my allotted task:

Grant me the grace to be worthy to be Your ambassador.

How to Engage the Scripture in Prayer (Bonhoeffer)

The time of meditation (prayer) {on scripture} does not let us down into the void and abyss of loneliness; it lets us be alone with the Word. And in so doing it gives us solid ground on which to stand and clear directions as to the steps we must take.

In our meditation we ponder the chosen text on the strength of the promise that it has something utterly personal to say to us for this day and for our Christian life, that it is not only God’s Word for the Church, but also God’s Word for us individually. We expose ourselves to the specific word until it addresses us personally…We read God’s Word as God’s Word for us.


Published by Tim Cameron

Follower of Jesus, Educator, author, College Administrator, Inner City High School Principal, Private School Headmaster, Husband of 49 years: Five children, seven grandchildren, and two godchildren

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